Our ghost

It is said that strange sounds are sometimes heard from the loft as if somebody were moving furniture. It is connected with an unfortunate accident which took place in the house. Once, the landlord decided to rent out a chamber in the attic. He made an agreement with a tenant, and the rent was even paid in advance. The tenant, considered to be an odd man, liked spending his free time in a pub playing cards. He quickly spent all his money and ran into financial difficulties, and soon didn't have enough money for the upcoming rent.

After several appeals the landlord decided to evict the tenant. But the tenant had had a copy of the key made, and decided that he wanted to get into his former flat. He succeeded, but then realized that the chamber was empty and the furniture had been moved to the loft. He got there as well.

But as he was trying to prepare his bed for sleeping, he fell down drunk, broke his head, and died. Since then sounds of moving furniture have been heard. People who have lived in the house have even said that they heard the fall of the unlucky man.

© 2006 :: pension Alt Straninger :: Cesky Krumlov